Footprints, paint and cyanotypes in London: a weekend of trying new things

A guest post I wrote for Bottomless Everything, after being set loose in London for a weekend…


Today we hear from guest blogger Michelle, a fellow blogger, traveller and self-proclaimed digital nomad.

Finding myself with a free weekend in London, I set myself a challenge of doing a bit of self-development (or perhaps just a form of mindfulness that doesn’t involve meditating) with some activities I wouldn’t normally do.  The only criteria was for each activity to be below £40 and far away from the usual tourist stuff.  I’d been a tour guide in a previous life, so I’ve spent more than enough painful hours herded around the city’s main visitor attractions.

After a quick look online, it soon became a two-way challenge.  As someone who’d been the art class dunce at school, I challenged Popup Painting to send me home with a recognisable version of Monet’s Water Lilies.  Booked through Obby, the class was positioned as a fun balance between a paintbrush and…

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