NEW Book! A House at the End of the Track: Among the English in the Ariège Pyrenees

My debut travel narrative is out NOW!

Available from Troubador Books  as well as, of course, Amazon and the usual online bookstores – and also currently at a discount via Amazon Marketplace. Or support your local bookstore with an order: ISBN-13: 978-1789016901.

The ebook is now available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Google Play – all links are here via the publisher.

A House at the End of the Track is a long way from the usual ‘we moved to France’ accounts. Instead it casts aside the romantic lens as it explores the reasons why English incomers ended up in this remote corner of France. Readers will feel a mix of admiration, envy and sympathy, and perhaps even irritation with the incomers, as they sometimes contradict themselves in order to avoid the well-worn stereotype of the English abroad. The book is also a gentle reminder that such stereotypes present an unbalanced picture, and that if incomers do stick to some of their old ways, the reasons why might be understandable. 

But A House at the End of the Track is not simply about the English incomers. As the first travel narrative to focus wholly on the Pyrenees, the wild and depopulated Ariège landscape is also woven into the stories that I heard whilst travelling around this little-known corner of the Pyrenees. Stories open up comment on local issues relating to conservation and re-wilding, as well as the continuing shadow of wartime events.

Intrigued? Read a few quotes from the book below:

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