Michelle also writes contemporary fiction, inspired by her observations of people and place.


Five modern travel tales. Five emotional journeys.

From obsession with a stranger on Instagram, to the sexual dynamics on a coach holiday, the characters in these stories are all driven by a desire to belong when they find themselves in unfamiliar places. Some seek friendship, some romance. Others are following the dream of a new life abroad. Join them in France, Germany and the Carpathians as they discover the way things really are out there.
Includes a bonus travel memoir: Finding the Wrong Family in Western Ukraine.  


The Wicked Game is a contemporary story where the grey damp of northern England competes with the exotic backdrop of Nepal. Where the line between adventure and obsession becomes blurred. With themes of vulnerability and manipulation, The Wicked Game examines how easily we can be persuaded to believe an alternative version of reality.

Print book available from Amazon and to order from all bookstores: ISBN: 978-1-9162942-0-2

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