English in the Ariège landscape

You don’t see written English very often in the Ariège public sphere (what researchers call the linguistic landscape) but I can share some observations that I noted when doing my research on English migration.

Where the house was

Why do English people move to Ariege, France? When I first began researching British incomers in Ariège, I was curious as to why they’d chosen that out-of-the-way corner of France.  It turns out that choice wasn’t always the right word… For quite a few people it was simply where the house was, rather than an …

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The media and the Brits in France

How are British incomers in France portrayed in the British media? A flood, an invasion, bloodsuckers… we’ve all seen immigrants depicted using this kind of language in the British press.  Yet it surprised me to find that British journalists use the same language to refer to their compatriots who are living in France. Migration often …

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